Emotional Sediments
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Emotional Sediments

Emotional Sediments

Emotional sediments is a series of square format paintings, mostly acrylic on canvas. Alma’s work echoes the hallmarks of abstract expressionism, but her trajectory wanders beyond any categorization as it moves in her directions. She is driven by an impulse to constantly pursue, be it her art direction, her awareness, or her self-awareness. It isn’t always a simple task – she will use various tricks to nurture her creative space devoid of any prejudice. When a perceived mistake happens in a process of painting, she will remain curious about the new places it may take her to. The format of the painting is chosen with this intention in mind: she will rotate her square paintings while creating them, following a coincidence rather than a plan, letting the subconscious mind pick the next thing to do.

”As the atmosphere in the landscape changes, with changing seasons, different light during the day or different weather conditions, my impressions will change with them, intertwining with my current intimate states of consciousness – mirroring that dynamic in my work shapes me as a person. That interaction means a lot to me and I try to follow it. ” ALMA BOŽANIĆ ČAČE

Alma’s great sensibility for color, structure, and layers creates a painting that cannot be experienced with a passing glance. It requires full immersion, both visual and emotional.

“If we look deeply into the littlest shadows of the unknown addresses, we enter a hidden world that is in a constant flux of concrete and abstract, real and surreal, intimate and universal.” TONĆI ŠITIN

Acrylic, Canvas, Collage, Paper