About me
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About me

Alma Čače is a contemporary artist currently living and working in Split, Croatia.
After graduating from the School of Fine Arts in Split, she enrolled in the Arts Academy, graduated (Department of Fine Arts and Restauration) 2001.
She is a member of the Croatian Association of Fine Artists Split,
Croatian community of independent artists since 2013.
She actively exhibits her works and has been the conductor of art workshops.

I find inspiration in people and their surroundings, most importantly the sea and its shores.
The cliffs of the southern shores of Vis have always made a strong impression on me, with their size and their structure. Witnessing the interaction they have with the powerful sea forces helped shape my artistic signature. It’s exactly the kind of energy that grows in me until it finds a way to come out on a painting and express itself like a wave crashing on a cliff.
A perpetual seeker in me always rejoices in finding an unexpected artistic path and the new awareness it brings.
Imitating nature and remaining sensitive to the new and unusual are my guiding principles. I favor discovering over planning, that is why layering, sedimentation, and leaving traces play an important role in my work. Irregularities and mistakes are always welcome as they open up the space for unexpected results. My paintings have a simple composition, but they are artistically rich in structure and layering.
Special attention is paid to the tools, I often find them in nature (wooden sticks, plants, various dry leaves) and explore the lines and traces they leave on the surface.
From time to time, you will find residue of my tools in the paintings, nature’s subtle signature.


2023. Metabolism, Museum of the town Kaštela, Vitturi castle, Kaštel Lukšić

2022. Metabolism, GKS Metković

2022. Metabolism, Krševan gallery, Šibenik

2021. Metabolism, KVART gallery,Split

2019. ”Stratification of the spiritual”, House of Culture, Dugopolje

2019. ”Drawings from the drawer”, Studio 21, Split

2019. ”Connecting Line”, southeastern Diocletian’s Tower, Split

2018. “Kompozitions”, Teatrin, Solin

2018. Joint exhibition of drawings with Kate Mandarić Erceg, Salon Galić, Split

2017. “Emotional sediments”, Gallery center Varaždin

2017. Small formats exhibition, caffe bar Đina, Zadar

2015. “Emotional sediments”, Forth George, Vis

2015. “Emotional sediments”, Vis library

2014. “Emotional sediments”, City Library Marko Marulić, Split

2014. “Unpredictable mirrors”, Basement halls of Diocletian’s palace, Split

2014. “Unpredictable mirrors”, Zvonimir gallery Solin

2007. Drawings in Salon Galić, Split

2005. Paitings, Peronospora blues, Vis

2004. ”Bizere”, Basement halls of Diocletian’s palace, Split

2004. Paitings, Po bota, Split

2003. Alliance francaise Gallery, Dubrovnik

2001. Small formats, City Reading Room Komiža

1999. Student works, City Reading Room Komiža


2020. Art fair ”Unclassified”, Lauba Zagreb

2019. “Animus”, The Old city hall, Split

2018. 40 Split Salon “The Art of Survival”, Split

2018. Drawing Triennial, Zagreb

2017. ”Split flower”, The Old city hall, Split

2016. ”Split flower”, The Old city hall, Split

2016. ”Natura marris” , The Native museum Biograd

2016. The coexistence of diversity (Ka’ pas i mačka), caffe gallery Hok, Split

2015. Group exhibition, Teatrin, Solin

2015. “Love is…” The city hall, group exhibition of the KUST association

2015. 39 Split Salon of Visual Arts, Split

2015. Natura marris, Basement halls of Diocletian’s palace, Split

2015. Natura marris, Auditorium des Carmes, Vannes

2010. “wwwVis.com”, Paradajz lost, Vis and Komiža

2010. “Vis fifth time”, DLUM gallery, Maribor

2008. Drawing Triennial, Gliptoteka, Zagreb

2008. “Works in progress”, Basement halls of Diocletian’s palace, Split

2007. 35 Split Salon of Visual Arts, Aquarium Split

2004. “Forgotten places”, Youth Centre Split